Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gadgetwise: The Arcade, iPad-style

Buttons and joystick, flashing lights and roaring sound effects, and to the heart of this feeling of view-and-sound, a box that ate quarters.

-Video game arcade is a lasting impression for many, and now live again — sort of — thanks to the iPad.

Ion Audio iCade, shown at the beginning of this month at the Consumer Electronics Show, is the arcade version of 2011 the coin-op game, a table box that says the iPad channels, using her wireless Bluetooth connectivity, to see what the company will be a "huge suite of classic titles from that classic-title-maker Atari. Think "Pac-Man," "," Asteroids "Breakout" and, of course, "Pong".

According to the website of ThinkGeek, the Cabinet sales of $ 100, which should go on sale in the spring, no fake retro-tease. The iPad slips in a cradle which holds the screen vertically and at an angle, and the games will be available through Apple App Store.

The colored toy looks pretty robust in photographs, but it remains to be seen whether you can take the abuse dished out by players hyperexcited smashing buttons and grabbing a stick while obliterating centipede or missile bombardment deposits, hopefully we will have a go-round with one when available.

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