Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gadgetwise: Q. & A.: Finding Missing Outlook Reminders

My reminders in Outlook 2007 stopped working when I'm sitting there using the program. I have already checked in options to make sure the reminder box is enabled and set to display, but still nothing. Guide?

Microsoft Outlook reminder function uses the window screen to alert you of tasks and appointments are scheduled in the calendar. If reminders are still saved in the same folder that you always have (usually the primary Calendar or task folders) before they stopped working, you may have a corrupt or damaged file in the folder reminders.

Quit Outlook and go to the Windows Start menu. If you have the option of Start menu run box, select it, type outlook/cleanreminders, and press the Enter key or click the OK button. If you don't own on the Run dialog box, your Start menu, type "run" in the search box, type outlook/cleanreminders, open it in the box and click OK.

If Outlook still refusing to display the reminder, Microsoft recommends that you return to the Run dialog box and typing in outlook/ResetFolders and then pressing the Enter key or the OK button. The company has more information about the problem online.

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