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«LA noire ": latest Rockstar Epic Gets treatment Sam Spade

'LA Noire': Latest Rockstar Epic Gets the Sam Spade TreatmentBy Mark Raby
01/25/10 9: 10 AM PT after taking players on a long tour of destruction and devastation criminals with his series of "Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games will put players on the right side of the law with" LA Noire, "scheduled for release in May. A new trailer video reveals more information about the game, in which players assume the role of a detective of the 1940s on the trail of a murderer.

When it comes to video games violent, controversial, Rockstar is King. "Grand Theft Auto" put the company on the map, and hasn't looked back since. It has become one of the most talked-about publishers in the industry and continues to push the envelope. But his latest game, while still containing a lot of sex and violence, puts players in a very different perspective.

Rockstar announced "LA noire" more than three years ago, but until now, remained sketchy details on exact texture and the gameplay mechanics of the game. This week, has released a new trailer that gives the most complete vision yet of how the game will take place.

Unlike its "Grand Theft Auto," serie a "LA noire", players are on the right side of the law. They assume the role of a detective who faces a string of murder mysteries to be solved at any cost. However, much like "gta", everything is indefinite. Players are facing challenging situations and morally can go down any path they choose, but the key point is the objective of solving murders. Players are not criminals in this latest creation of Rockstar.

This is a big change to the Publisher, said Chris Morris, former editor-in-Chief of Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) finance and famous video game industry expert. Previous titles Rockstar "allow you to play on the wrong side of the law. This time around, you are the police--and while we are driving and shooting elements, as there are other Rockstar titles, the game is much more cerebral. "

Morris, who recently got a sneak peek at the PS3 game, compared to last year's hit "Heavy Rain", "in which players could easily become emotionally to their characters in the game and faced tough questions that couldn't help but get them thinking," what would I do in real life if I had to deal with this situation? "

Even if your moral compass in "LA noire" is different than "Grand Theft Auto," If the new trailer is anything to go, there is still a lot of content that you may get the parents in a tizzy. There is blood, graphical representations of bodies shot and some sexual tension thrown good fit.

But in a turn of events for Rockstar, not blood and sex that "LA noire" is getting attention for. It is highly sophisticated technology used in the development of the game.

"LA noire" uses a new technology called "MotionScan" in which the actors that lend their portraits to the game were motion-captured by a circle of 32 cameras, allowing the game to display sophisticated facial expressions. When talking about characters in the game, the lips will move in sync actually dialogue.

"L.A. Noire will take video games one step closer to cinematic imagery," Morris told us. It could force other game developers to step up their game. "

The game is set in the era of the 1940s/1950s film noire, and is designed to be so much cinematic experience as well as is a powerful and sophisticated video game. There are more than 20 hours of recorded voice acting in the game, or about enough to fill an entire season of an animated TV series.

Rockstar founder Sam Houser said "LA noire" difference is anything the company has done before, action and real detective work. Rockstar wouldn't expand further on that assertion, when asked for comment by TechNewsWorld.

"We are expecting pre-orders for ' l.a. noire is pretty high, just like with any game at Rockstar," Brian Matte, Director General, GameStop in New York City, told TechNewsWorld. "There has already been consumer interest, and we are excited that we can now tell everyone when the game will be available."

However, Morris does not expect to be a huge marketing juggernaut on the day of launch, declaring "is a title that is not one that people will clamor for day one, but can be drawn quickly."

"LA noire" will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the United States on May 17. A European launch follows the May 20th.

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