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Accelerating Android with tips and tricks

But despite the variety of Android phones and carriers, there are a lot of useful functions that are common to all. Here are some tips on how to find them:

The long press The key to many of these suggestions is the long press: instead of tapping a button, or icon on the screen, press and hold your finger on it for two seconds. Often, this will bring up a menu of options specific to the type of item, such as one to bookmark a Web link. You can also press the hardware keys on the phone and the background of the home screen, to reveal the various options.

In general, long-tap functions are intended to save from eavesdropping through a series of menus to perform a common task. Is the equivalent of right-clicking your mouse on the screen of a PC.

So, for example, you can long press the home button on your phone — one that looks like a small house — to bring up a menu of your eight most recently used apps. This allows you to hop quickly between, say, an email that are writing and Web browser.

You can also press the search key — looks like a magnifying glass — to pop-up a microphone icon labeled "zansu". Voice command system Android understands at least 10 commands, such as "text Send to Alison Wright, late you will see a 6," "go to the nearest pizza place," "Listen to Taylor Swift" and of course, "Note to self". If it does not begin with a special command, Android will assume that you speak a Web search.

Within the browser app, press the back key — the one marked with an arrow left U-turning — snap open a screen with bookmarks, most visited pages and navigation history displayed in tabs.

Press on your home screen to bring up a menu of options that includes links. You can create a shortcut, it just seems like an app on your home screen, which connects directly to a Web page bookmark, a person in your contact list or a navigation destination. Android will label the link with the logo of the website, the face of a person or an icon you choose for destinations.

Too many icons on your home screen? Press on the screen a pop-up menu that includes a folder option. You can create an icon folder and call it, say, games, in which you can drag all your applications.

Click a link on a webpage to pop-up menu to open the link in a new window. To switch to windows, press the menu key — what is a grid of four square — and tap Windows in the options that appear on the screen.

And prolonged pressure may also be used for accent marks. To enter, say, an e with a grave accent in a message, press the "and" on the keyboard. That opens a menu of characters "and" with different accents.

Quick access to phone, text and email In your address book, do not touch the name of the person. To touch their photo. That opens a menu of icons to call, text or email. There are also options to send messages through Twitter and Facebook.

Take photos of yourself Android cameras without a second camera for self-portraits have a Self Portrait in the camera APP. Tap and the camera will search for faces in its crosshairs using facial recognition software. The phone will be turned over a new photo of you every few seconds, adding that the images from your camera roll. Is more hit or miss to take your photo in a mirror, but it's more fun, as the robbery in an old fashioned photo booth.

Phrases faster Android collected a trick from BlackBerry phones of old school: when you type a text message or e-mail, there is no need to fumble for the key at the end of a sentence. Just press the SPACEBAR twice. Android will insert a period and a space much faster than you could type them yourself.

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