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Gadgetwise: Wise-Walker streamlines your Laptop Bag

The nomad WR-08 Wise-Walker A4 Shoulder Bag is small, but big enough.

After years of bringing bags large enough to contain a bull mastiff, I thought that I might be ready to slim down a bit. That's why I was so informed when I saw the nomadic WR-08 Wise-Walker A4 shoulder bag. Name of this Star Wars-esque bag reflects the size (but not the width) of an A4 sheet and take a uniquely Japanese on traditional laptop bag.

The essay Walker can hold a laptop 13 inch small and light, as well as any number of folders, files, or envelopes. Mini pockets hold or business cards or transit cards and a Japanese style of hang tags shows fascinating shows that you can insert devices such as CD players, and circa-1999 Palm Pilot in smaller pockets.

Apps, computers and equipment for travellers.

The bag is 15 cm long, 12 inches tall and about 5 cm thick, when it is full. Side pockets hold water bottles and snacks and hidden pockets to keep your gear safe from prying fingers. Bags like the essay Walker are popular Tokyo subway jammed for their compact size. This model consists of rip-stop nylon black with blaze orange lining, a look reminiscent of bomber jackets.

The scholarship is available from the site of a Japanese Office supply fetishist, Jetpens and costs $ 73. At first glance looks a bit small because, put simply, it is. However, unlike commuter huge bags and folders I brought this lot ultralight and no-nonsense is pretty convincing and has a certain charm that I particularly like cyberpunk.

Cannot pass muster with a road warrior laptop carrying 20 pounds I.T.-problem, but for a shuttle carrying an iPad and a few relevant documents, the wise-Walker is almost perfect.

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