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Apple Amps up productivity with Final Cut Pro X

Professional video editing, get out your wallets. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) released a new version of Final Cut Pro, on Tuesday.

Final Cut Pro X reinvents video editing, according to Apple. Magnetic Timeline allows users to edit flexible lost canvas. Content of Auto-Categorizes content analysis on import based on the type of shot, media and people. Background rendering functionality allows the user to work without interruption. The new version is built on a modern 64-bit architecture and is available from Mac App Store for US $ 299.

Final Cut Pro X

The new Timeline feature is a remote magnetic approach to editing video, allowing users to drag and drop clips into the order you want. Clip connections allows users to connect as footage items, titles, and sound effects to move them all as one unit. Auditions for new functionality enables users to Exchange and compare collections of clips between takes.

Auto-Scan media content analysis on import and tag with useful information. Final Cut Pro X uses this information to organize your clips in collections, Smart. Users can add custom tags and a search by type of media, people and amount of zoom.

Final Cut Pro X is completely rebuilt from the ground and will take advantage of Mac hardware. The program uses its multi-threaded and GPU processing for fast rendering and playback in real time. The pipeline of ColorSync color managed color consistency guarantees from input to output.

Final Cut Pro X includes tools for audio editing and color correction and is compatible with two apps. Movement 5 for 4 Professional animations and compressor for encoding multimedia advanced are available at the Mac App Store for $ 49.99.

Apple did not respond to the request of MacNewsWorld for comments from the time of printing.

New features in Final Cut Pro X are designed to simplify the process of editing and increase productivity.

"I believe that this new version looks very exciting," Ryan Sciarrotta, production assistant of Syncronos Design, told MacNewsWorld. "I believe that the addition of better background rendering. This will allow people to continue working on a project while Final Cut works behind the scenes to render out what you need. In the past, long waiting times for rendering would completely stop your work on the program. "

Magnetic characteristics Timeline offers users an easier way to switch the location of the clip and see how it would play in different orders. Other programs have used, and now is part of the arsenal Final Cut.

"The ability to connect the various clips together in a compound or keep them grouped clips together is something that I am happy to see in this new version," said Sciarrotta. "It was something I'd seen in other programs that I liked in Final Cut for a long time, and now it's finally here-and it looks even easier and better to use than I could imagine."

Apple is implementing what was learned from other products that is designed, then this is a step in the future. The new interface may take some getting used to for those comfortable with previous versions.

"The time line has a completely different look, as well as the entire interface," said Sciarrotta. "It seems that Apple is trying to make Final Cut more user-friendly by adopting some of the features already found in similar Apple products, like iPhoto and iMovie. Since this is a new interface, some veterans of the old system could have some problems, but I think the new content be enough to get people to switch. "

Apple has tried to make it easier to use with the addition of improved organizational tools Final Cut. Magnetic Timeline makes it easier for users to organize content.

"One of the advantages of the new version is the ease of consultation," said Sciarrotta. "For one, the time necessary to compare the shots has been streamlined. It seems easier to use. The exchange between brings out the best shots for a scene was not difficult in the past, but could take some time. Now it looks like can be done in seconds.

"Their new line of time also allows you to search best clips, allowing clip tag with keywords. This is also a feature like that found in other Apple products, now finally implemented in a product that makes sense for, "he added.

One thing that may be cause for concern is the characteristic of self-analysis, noted Sciarrotta.

"This feature will automatically sort and categorize your shots," he explained. "While they play well, I hope there will be a way to disable this, because in my work I have to be very specific about how to categorize my means of communication."

Overall, Sciarrotta scores very positively the new version.

"This version just seems faster in every way. In the new version X, Final Cut will make a lot of work for you so you can keep moving and keep your creative juices flowing, "he said.

Users who have a recent version of Final Cut Pro can be resistant to drop $ 300 for a new one. Apple is trying to attract these customers by offering new tools and a platform completely rebuilt to 64 bit that takes full advantage of Mac hardware.

"If a user already has the earlier version, they may not be interested in buying a new version," Roger Kay, founder and principle of Endpoint Technologies, told MacNewsWorld. "You can do an update. How to justify yet another spending for the same product? "

Could definitely be worth the price to some professional, though. People who use Final Cut every day for their work could benefit from these new tools.

"Whenever Apple introduces a new product, it is always ' the best '. It may be true, "said Kay.

"When they sell it, is the best, then emerges with a new one that is now the ' best '. Just people expect their applications to be automatically updated. Not necessarily want a completely new product. However, if you're a professional video editing, and what to do-and Final Cut Pro for professionals-you may need to spring for it. "

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